The arts education curriculum provides for a balance between expression and the child’s need to experience and respond to the visual arts, to music and to drama.


Music: The music curriculum comprises listening and responding, performing and composing activities. Focused listening is emphasised, both for its sheer enjoyment potential and for its essential role in composing and performing.


Our school has a long established relationship with Music Generation Clare, with whom we collaborate every year. We are also very proud of our tradition of tin whistle instruction and performance.

Visual Arts: The visual arts curriculum comprises interrelated activities in making art and in looking at and responding to art. It presents a range of activities in perceiving, exploring, responding to and appreciating the visual world.


We encourage our pupils to engage with the Credit Union and Community Games art competitions each year.

Drama: The drama curriculum comprises interrelated activities which explore feelings, knowledge and ideas, leading to understanding. It explores themes and issues, creates a safe context in which to do so, and provides for opportunities to reflect on the insights gained in the process. It draws on the knowledge, interests and enthusiasms of the child.


One of the highlights of our school year in Scoil Mhuire is our preparation for and performances of our Christmas drama productions.