Green Schools

Situated in a rural setting, Meelick school community has always had an awareness of the importance of environmental responsibility.


Our first Green Flag was awarded in 2014 for Litter and Waste Management, following on from this we have since been awarded Green Flags for Energy, Water and Travel with our latest flag for Biodiversity being awarded in May 2023. We are currently working on year one of the ‘Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste’ Programme.


For every Green Flag we have to show that we are maintaining work that we had achieved on previous flags and the whole school is involved. We have a very dedicated Greenschool committee who attend regular meetings and communicate issues back to the classrooms. We have class monitors who work on a rota system and keep a check on all the measures we have agreed to and we also have a subcommittee to help with the different tasks that arise.


The Greenschools programme is very much part of our school and has a very positive effect by fostering a respect for the environment and instilling the importance of how, through our actions, we can make a difference. It is by each one of us bringing our knowledge and skills out into the wider community that we can lead to greater change.